Financial Giving

What could God do with your financial gifts?  Change a life?  Feed a hungry child?  Provide an opportunity for a young person to learn about the Lord?  When you give to God’s mission through St. Luke, you are a partnering in the greatest mission anyone could have: to follow Jesus Christ and share His love with the world.  Thank you for your generous giving.


Offering Envelopes
Personal checks and, of course, cash are acceptable.  Offering envelopes provide the most secure way to give your gifts during worship.    They are always available at the Information Desk or contact Connie Shirkey at 651-459-1222, ext 21, or

Give Online
Give to God’s mission through St. Luke anytime and anywhere through a safe and secure process.  Click here to give.

St. Luke also has a QR code if you would like to give directly from your phone. QR_code_for_your_web_page!

Automatic Withdrawals
Authorized monthly withdrawals through the Simply Giving program for a specified amount can be made directly from your checking or savings account. This is a convenient way to ensure that your giving to the Lord is consistent, even when you are out of town.  Contact Connie Shirkey at 651-459-1222, ext 21, or for more info or download the form by clicking the Simply Giving link above.

Stocks or Mutual Funds
Publicly-traded securities can be donated to the church and may also provide significant tax benefits to the donor. Talk to your tax advisor.  For more info contact Connie Shirkey at 651-459-1222, ext 21, or